Can I work at my own pace?



Attention to basics


Rational Thinking


We strongly believe that the invention of C is great milestone in the field of computer industry and the field can easily be told as before C and after C. Most of the Operating Systems kernels are developed using C even today and almost 90% of the people are introduced to the world of programming with C. So we wanted to show our respect by highlighting the C.

There are 2 modes of classes. Class room courses and online courses to accommodate  people of different needs.

Yes. We do understand that some people need to go on their own pace due to other commitments. We respect their commitments and schedule the classes accordingly.


We believe every individual is unique in their own way and sparCtech is committed to understand them to provide inputs accordingly and generate interest to learn basic concepts correctly.

How are the courses conducted?


To be the best coaching and consulting platform helping individuals to add value to self, organizations they work for and ultimately to human kind and nature/environment.

Why the upper case C in sparCtech ?

Frequently Asked Questions

​​We had been in the corporate industry for around 10 years. We had worked in many complicated and time sensitive projects and witnessed, how individuals with sound basic concepts and knowledge are able to pay attention to details, thereby add value to the teams and organizations they work for, and ultimately deliver successes. We had also come across individuals who struggled to deliver in the defined manner If they do not have strong basic concepts or if they don't think in right direction.

We were part of a lot of successful stories and a few not so successful stories  and that gave us an opportunity to identify the right recipe for success. With our passion towards training and continuous learning, we have decided to get into full time training  and consulting platform. 

Having closely seen industry for around 10 years, we can proudly say that we are rightly experienced to train individuals not only to a highly successful career but also promise them wonderful work satisfaction.

We do understand the need of organizations to recruit right resources. We are committed to grooming the resources to be very much productive and effective from the initial stage of their career helping organizations to achieve their objectives.